Sunday 28 March 2010

Toby Twirl

Do you remember me? I may have been one of your childhood favourites! - you can refresh your memories by visiting my web page

There are many pages there to see including a 'Shop' page where you can buy my new books on-line, including the official 'Collector's Guide' with all the history of my character, the website also features a 'Book Gallery' were you can see all my books.

If you collect my 'Tales' and 'Adventure' books then you will be able to get catalogues too via my website.

Hope to see you there!

Toby Twirl.


  1. Hi.

    My dad is a huge fan and is currently collecting all the old hard cover books.

    Are there any events up and coming to promote the come back?

    I've just discovered that new books have been published in the last few years and so I plan on getting him them for presents.

    Are there any plans to republish old books?

  2. Hi,
    Glad to hear there is still interest in collecting my books!
    Unfortunately there has not been enough interest to reproduce any of the original books, however, we have produced a very comprehensive Collector's Guide handbook with all the history and rarities info plus another Christmas special edition see our website shop page for full details
    Best Regards, TT.

  3. Hi TT
    Popped back on to the site to check some info on a particular book and discovered this blog. I have most of what is available, including the rarities and I corresponded and was able to help your follower Roy with some information many years ago, before they all had been identified and indeed before Sheila Hodgetts had been found.
    It's good to see the TT culture still being maintained. For many years I wondered if I was alone out there!
    Best wishes
    Bob Shepherd

    1. Hi Bob,
      Good to hear from you again! Unfortunately those that still remember me seem to be few and far between these days! Don't forget to visit my website again soon ... you never know when something unexpected will pop up ... just like my own adventures!
      Kind Regards, TT.

  4. P.S In case you need the link (don't forget to refresh your browser to pick up any changes on the site!)

  5. Hi All,
    Sorry it’s been such a long time with no word ... it's been a very difficult time trying to keep things ticking over but sadly the time has now come to admit my adventure days are over and close down all attempts to re-launch interest in my stories old or even new.
    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any real interest in my adventures these days so these will now have to remain just a happy and distant memory to all of us who shared in them in times long past.
    Take care and thank you all for being true fellow adventurers … In spirit we live on at least!
    Kind Regards to all, TT.

  6. One good bit of news ... my website has been refreshed ... please take a look!


  7. Oh Toby! Toby is so real and alive in our hearts! Sing toby's praises to all!

  8. Hi Toby,
    My parents introduced me to your brave self back in the 50s as a boy. I distinctly recall being amazed and erstwhile petrified by your adventures and derring-do! So much more exciting than a plodding bear. Wonderful memories, thank you.

  9. Hi White Knight, Thank you for your kind comments!
    Kind Regards, 'TT'